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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions that we receive frequently. We hope that they help you in discovering the caterer that will meet your needs. If you have a question that hasn't been answered, then send it by email.

Can we taste before booking?

Yes, we do provide tastings. If you have already booked with Master's Meals Catering, then tastings are included free of charge. For those who have not already booked with us, then we do offer private tastings at $35 per person. When you do book with Master's Meals Catering then that $35 per person is applied to the catering cost.

Do we have option in choosing the food, and to what extent?

Yes. We believe that it is your day and not ours, so it should be your menu and not ours. Even if you have a family recipe that you would like to present, we can prepare it for you and your guests.

What is the wait staff to guest ratio?

It does depend on the type of service that you are looking for. Although we aim for one staff for thirty guests in a buffet situation and on staff to twelve guests when it is a seated/plated dinner. That being said, some clients like more or less staff for their event and we are willing to accommodate those requests.

What is the Bartender ratio?

For a soft bar, just beer and wine, we suggest one bartender to 150 guests. For a full bar we suggest one bartender to 75 guests.

Do you allow us to bring our own alcohol? Is there a charge for that?

Yes, you can provide your own alcohol for your event. Unlike others that charge you a corkage fee, we do charge a beverage management fee that is between $1 to $4 per person. That is based on what is being served, how many guests are in the party, and the percentage of underage guests that will be present.

Do you buy back unused bottles of wine or beer?

We will buy back any unopened bottles of wine and beer that we normally stock. Any alcohol that is special ordered through us is unable to be returned.

Do you have proof of a license and liability insurance?

Yes and we are more than happy to provide you and your venue with a copy.

Do you only serve wine and beer? Or are you able to provide a full bar?

We have a full on-premise license with the OLCC. This allows us to serve beer, wine and hard spirits in a hosted or non-hosted bar situation.

Do you charge by the bottle or by the glass?

It depends on which bar service you select. For hosted bars, where you are purchasing all of the alcohol for you guests, will be charged by the bottle once it has been opened. For a mp-host, or cash bar, all drinks are sold by the glass.

Do you provide plates and silverware?

We are able to provide you with dishware, silverware, glassware, linens, and many extras. We work with many rental companies and we charge the same amount as they do. We will include a Rental Management Fee to cover the delivery and return of the rentals and as well as taking responsibility for them.

Do you have a special menu for children?

Yes, we can provide a special meal for children. Children can have their own kids buffet with buffet tables set at a lower height for them to reach. Just make sure to keep the groomsmen out of it...

How does delivery, set up and breakdown work?

We will arrive early to set up the buffet and make final preparations for the food. We will clear tables, scrape rentals, and take care of trash. If rentals are ordered through us we will deliver and remove them for the job site also. Set up of tables with  decor, dishware, flatware, glassware can also be arranged.

Who will oversee the event? Will they be present and for how long?

Each event, with the exception of drop-off or pick-up, will have a Banquet Captain. The Banquet Captain is present from the start to the end of the catering portion of your reception. They are the first one there and the last one to leave. Bar service is excluded for the Banquet Captain's time.

Can I see photos of previous presentations?

We have many photos available on our webpage, on Facebook and at our office.

Is gratuity automatically included?

No, we do not include gratuity in our proposals. We have a hard time telling you how you should thank us.

Do you offer wedding cakes or desserts?

We do offer desserts, although we do not offer wedding cakes. We do offer recommendations for bakers that we have worked with on our vendors list.

Is there a cake cutting fee?

We are more than happy to cut and serve your cake for you for a $35 fee. A very minor cost to save a guest or family member of the work of cutting and serving the wedding cake for you.