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The Master's Meals Catering is a family owned business that has been serving with excellence since 1983.  The organization is led by Carla, who discovered her passion for the culinary arts at a young age and has been using her talents to feed the body and soul of those who taste her creations for nearly 50 years. Along with her husband Jim, their superior attention to detail insures that every enhancement is just as you ordered.  Supported by seasoned staff, the team is committed to creating your successful event and assisting you at every level of the experience from planning to execution.  We look forward to serving you with the Master's Touch in mind!

Carla & Jim Park 1983.......................................Carla & Jim Park 2010


In 1983, Carla Park along with the support of her husband, Jim, and children turned her love for cooking into a business adventure with the creation of Park's Party Service.  Those early years were spent adapting homemaking skills into culinary arts and testing those attempts on her hungry family and grateful friends.  Everyone in the family had a part to play an each part was essential.

With the years came all the accompanying lessons inherent in operating a small business and having ventured into various markets other than private parties, the company name was changed to "The Master's Meals Catering," reflecting the desire to make client's feel a mastery of their meals without personally slaving in the kitchen.  Successful relationships with clients were created by providing an incredible level of customer service embracing a very collaborative process, establishing rapport with the client's needs as paramount, never assuming that a different client's menu was "good enough" for another and offering to prepare their own family recipes so they felt accommodated in every way.

January 2006, Central Park Events was created to address the growing need to provide clients with comprehensive services from design, accommodations, site review, wedding day management and procurement of auxiliary contractors and service providers.  With so much interest and energy in the overlapping of these complementary services, in 2010, C&J Event Group was launched as a way to integrate all successful businesses.

The history has been written.  The ground work has been laid, The talents are tapped.  The future is bright as C&J Event Group has brought a family endeavor to the next generation of professional, all inclusive services to our long time and future customers.

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